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Only 0,95 € per piece

6,62 € excl. tax

6,62 €

Bomba silvestrovský MIX 10 Ks

Speciální Silvestrovský Mix je tady! Nový rok už je za dveřmi a abys vydržel až do rána, tak bude potřeba pořádná dávka energie, a proto je tady tenhle mix.


4,85 € excl. tax

5,60 €

Bomba mix 6 PCS

Choose your own BOMBA mix according to your taste, pack contains 6 pieces of BOMBA energy

8,15 € excl. tax

9,35 €

Bomba mix 10 PCS

Choose your own BOMBA mix according to your taste, pack contains 10 pieces of BOMBA energy

16,25 € excl. tax

18,65 €

Bomba mix 20 PCS

Choose your own BOMBA mix according to your taste, pack contains 20 pieces of BOMBA energy

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Ondřej Texl
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For a long time I drank competing energy drinks until I came across BOMBA, everyone finds their own flavour, I like Blue & Coconut the most, these two are my favourites, they always give me enough energy for both, stream and everyday other activities.
Pavel Paur
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I drank BOMBA back when they were almost impossible to find and there were only 4 flavours. Today they've added more and I have to say I still won't go anywhere else. Best energy drink
Ondra B.
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I've tried several kinds, they all taste good and it gives a person some energy. The style of the jar is really BOMBA 😂👍. I think the price is a bargain. Also the company overall cares about the consumers etc.. which is very nice. One of the most original energy drinks.
Veronika Smrčková
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Totally awesome, Sometimes I drink it before tests, since I'm a nocturnal creature and I study mostly at night so I usually drink it in the evening and then in the morning, the design looks absolutely amazing and it tastes just as good👍
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BOMBA is for me #1 when it comes to energy drinks. The best thing about BOMBA are the flavors: you can mix up to 7 flavors you want and another great thing is the ingredients just BOMBA the best energy drink 😁✊💣
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Honestly, I don't drink energy drinks so often, but I have BOMBA everytime, when I go to the skatepark, it always gives me a kick or when I'm tired I just have a bomb and I'm not tired anymore.
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For rehearsals to learn, for a party, for summer adventures, in short for all BOMB experiences. Great taste and attractive design. 💚
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I'm a gamer and I like to drink energy drinks. I don't care if it costs 20 cents or 2 euro, the main thing is if it tastes good and if it has good ingredients. BOMBA is not a usual energy drink for me, because it caught my attention right from the first time with its unique opening (as far as energy drinks are concerned) and of course especially its taste. It's a really good explosion of flavours. 🖤
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In truth, it is the best energy drink of all. Mixes well with alcohol, excellent taste, excellent bottle design buy a bomb every day it's worth it this one can give me a lot of energy for every sport for every PC game excellent flavors thank you for what you do and that you produce the best energy in the world I love you for me 10/10 points without a bomb not a shot



8,15 € excl. tax

9,35 €


Are you feeling sleepy watching streams? Try the selection of 10 pcs of BOMBA energy by Morryh and you will see that sleepiness will pass away fast!

8,15 € excl. tax

9,35 €

Bomba Jehla mix 10 PCS

Are felling asleep often behind the wheel? Then only the best selection of 10 pcs of BOMBA energy will save you according to dashcamer Jehla and his community of drivers

8,15 € excl. tax

9,35 €

Bomba BIGE mix 10 PCS

What gives Bige so much energy at his daily streams? Taste his selection of 10 pieces of BOMB energy and you'll soon find out!

8,15 € excl. tax

9,35 €

Bomba VÍTEK mix 10 PCS

You're wondering how it's possible that Vitek has so much energy? Then try his selection of 10 pieces of BOMBA energy and you'll know right away.

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